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Affiliate Marketing – one of the oldest directions of marketing in the internet. For now affiliate marketing has three core players: advertisers, publishers and affiliate network. Advertisers need internet traffic and work on CPA (Cost Per Action) model. CPA model means that advertisers pay for clicks and for a predetermined action such as sale or registration. Publishers have internet traffic and they monetize it receiving their CPA commission. Affiliate networks facilitate interaction between advertisers and publishers and do the integration of their platforms.

Problems and Solutions

The current trend of CPA marketing shows that advertisers prefer working via performance tracking platform (trackers) when they pay only for technical support instead of working with CPA affiliate networks. It is more profitable for advertisers as they don’t pay huge fees to CPA network (which is about 20-30% per every transaction) because trackers usually charge a fixed fee once a month. Many CPA networks present themselves as blind networks and don’t reveal the list of their publishers, sources of traffic, etc. It leads to the lack of transparency for advertisers, as they are not willing to pay for fraud transactions (transactions that were generated by forbidden traffic, e.g., brand bidding, pop-under, etc.). The usage of forbidden traffic can also damage brand reputation.


Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace:

• A decentralized tracking marketplace with the list of CPA advertisers who pay fix commission to Adpump for tracking platform usage. Advertisers get the access to the list of publishers and can switch on or off any publisher they prefer.

• A decentralized tracking platform for ICO offers with the opportunity to make (or receive) payment in cryptocurrency.

• Transparent platform for publishers with open access to statistics where they can check traffic, conversion, average click price, etc.

• All data about offers, terms and conditions, conversions and payments is stored in blockchain.

• No way to scam or fraud due to the decentralized quality system like in Uber

• All campaigns are based on smart contract – advertisers cannot hide or change conditions without notifications or avoid paying for the actions


Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method in Affiliate Marketing

According to the report of Affiliate marketing Benchmark (Sponsored by Global Affiliate Summit) for 2016 , cryptocurrency has been already used for payments, 5 and Bitcoin took the 6th place after direct payment methods such as Paypal,Wire, Check and Payoneer. This indicator will definitely grow from year to year and in the future payments to publishers in cryptocurrency can get the dominant role. For this reason, we propose a solution and introduce a new format of cryptocurrency – ADP token, that will definitely take the leading role in CPA marketing field.

Token Economy

Token function in our system:
ADP token will provide the following functions in the ecosystem:
● Payment tool – for the marketplace service (joining it and services)
● Payment tool – for traffic and target actions inside the system
● Traffic buying – publishers can pay for the traffic from partners in tokens(pop-under, teaser networks, mobile traffic networks);

For more information about Adpump company accesss the link  whitepaper and Adpump.

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