Amchar-a secure international Health Record


AMCHART is a patient driven EMR on a public/private blockchain with AI for analytics and incentive driven model for better outcomes. The incentive driven model is based on maintenance of health records, wellness program participation, population health, and data sharing with certified partners for analytics and proactive healthcare management. The consensus security is based on Intel SGX chips and running the consensus directly on hardware not only provides extra security but also accelerate transaction times and stabilizes their ability to decentralize the medical record appropriately. AMCHART will be utilizing Ethereum based Smart Contracts and a Hyperledger Sawtooth framework to create a secure pathway to access patient data for both patients and providers.


Medical practices have been adapting towards the use of electronic medical records and through surveys, direction communication, and available Internet data, some of the biggest issues noted are:

  • Protection of patient data and maintaining HIPAA compliance;
  • Maintaining updated software on local machines as well as the EHR provider chosen to reduce security risks;
  • Decreased productivity as practices learn new processes for EHRs;
  • Lack of interoperability between EHRs;
  • Cost of set-up and maintenance;
  • Copy and pasting of information which can lead to misleading health information;

Providers are seeing that with changing from fee for service (which is to be paid by the procedure they perform) to a valued based system , it will require changes in how patient care is accomplished along with increasing wellness initiatives.

Security/HIPAA Compliance

Because value based services require sharing information to maintain proper records, the use of blockchain technology is appropriate, but security and compliance are major concerns.  To find the right balance, the AMCHART team has been considering multiple ways to maintain HIPAA compliance and build upon the security of data to eliminate loss of information.  Because they place high value to secure data their foundation and secured distributed off chain database. They will keep evaluating newer technologies  and re-engineer to make sure it is truly distributed and secure .Security is a crucial area in healthcare currently, especially as data sharing becomes more popular.


Based on the monies raised throughout their token sale, AMCHART organization will delineate tokens as follows:

  • 10% – legal, accounting, financial audit, development of interfaces, website, marketing, promotion, staffing, bug bounty programs;
  • 10% – utilized for patient/provider/payor incentive programs;
  • 50% – development of current AMCHART initiative and future improvements.They would also utilize funds as needed to enhance the token, develop other blockchain initiatives to improve security and compliance issues, and to maintain the ecosystem;
  • 20% – continued development of token sale, maintenance of server architecture, nodes, mining pool creation, and code algorithm.
  • 10% – held in reserve for unforeseen issues related to development.

It is to be noted that NO FOUNDER of the AMCHART will be receiving tokens during the token sale.There will be two sale periods, one of which will be a pre-sale period for larger organizations to purchase tokens, and a public token sale.

For more information about Armchar company access the link whitepaper and Armchar.


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