ARNA-First Blokchain Biotech Ecosystem

ARNA Genomics

We are an innovative biotechnological company, launched by a team of likeminded scientists and businessmen and grown from the scientific and research laboratory into full scale venture. We develop revolutionary early detection methods for select cancers in order to launch a line of diagnostic tests for early cancer detection on the global markets.

Our mission: to increase the life expectancy and significantly reduce human mortality. We relentlessly pursue this goal through cutting edge screening methods, diagnosis correction, treatment monitoring, and increasing patient adherence. Our Innovation: ARNA Genomics has discovered a technology enabling highly specific tests development for different cancers. Besides, the company has also developed a unique concept of blockchain-based ecosystem-grade platform intended for use as an instrument to support R&D and implementation of biotechnologies worldwide.

Our Pledge: ARNA Genomics have completed R&D for its first product – ARNA Breast Cancer test. The test for colon cancer test is currently in an advanced R&D stage. We devote all our resources to complete development of ARNA Panacea – a blockchain platform, that will hope will change the world by making launch of new biotech and treatment solutions against cancers much easier, cheaper and faster.


All you need to know about cancers

“Cancer” is a large group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of mutated cells. If their spread is not controlled, it usually results in death. Cancer is caused by both external factors (tobacco smoking, virus deceases, certain chemicals, and exposure to radiation) and internal factors (inherited and acquired mutations, hormonal changes, and immune conditions). These factors may act together or in sequence to initiate and promote the cancer development.

ARNA Tokens

ARNA is an open source cryptographic token designed as a crypto-currency intended to be used as a payment tool for ARNA Panacea platform members’ services as well as one of the payment methods for ARNA BC test after its market launch. ARNA token will become an accounting unit in all economic transactions of the ARNA Panacea Blockchain platform and will serve as a basis for interaction with other market players and clinical trials, including human DNA research.As described below, the major portion of ARNA tokens money supply will become readily available in the near future, since part of ARNA tokens will be reserved for ARNA Genomics payment vehicle. Like other crypto-currencies, ARNA tokens are interchangeable and transferable; their placement on crypto-currency market is expected.

Acquisition of ARNA tokens

ARNA tokens can be purchased on the crypto-currency market from another patient/user or through transfer of own insurance company. The users of the platform will have the opportunity to purchase ARNA tokens by sending Ether (ETH) in the blockchain to the address of the created smart contract during the pre-session of ARNA tokens. The ARNA interface will integrate a third-party conversion application such as ShapeShift and Coinbase for those users who do not have ETH.

For more informaion about ARNA company acces the link whitepaper and ARNA.

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