Aworker – a multi-chain data protocol

Aworker is a multi-chain verified data protocol for applications creation where people control their information. They connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing decentralized reputation network for the business and people. Their protocol makes it easy to create and manage applications based on verified data and reputation score. People can control their information in one place and capitalize it. Aworker blockchain framework works with public blockchains and has the power to customize it for different applications.

Aworker’s Solution

They create a decentralized and reliable solution for applications and people based on public blockchains and distributed ledgers. Their solution consists of multi-chain data protocol for third-party applications, a people identification system, data exchange, P2P job marketplace, a verification system, payments and reputation. All together, these features form a multifunctional infrastructure for the creation of a unified Reputation system. Their vision is to develop an open and free solution for sharing verified data to create a reputation ecosystem in a decentralized world. To do this, they need to create a platform that will help people in key areas of activity, specifically, job search. This is an ambitious and technically difficult task.

Aworker DApp

Aworker DApp is a p2p job marketplace. Aworker DApp creates new conditions in the recruitment market, which is worth around 429 billion dollars. Aworker DApp will allow companies to reduce the cost of hiring and get the best candidates for their team. This is a new way to find work with smart contracts and recommendations.

Using the Job Marketplace, employees will be able to:
• receive a reward for acquaintances who will work for the company;
• receive a reward for acquaintances who are invited to an interview for the company;
• To see at every moment the status of the hiring process.

An Aworker will be able to receive a reward for the recommendation each time his/her acquaintance gets a job at a company. The entire process will be open to an employee, and he/she will always be able to see the hiring stage. In this case, the candidate search process becomes P2P, where other network users look for worthy candidates to the company and recommend them. Recommendations of their acquaintances will create a pleasant and friendly team in the company. Everyone wins in this case. An employee helps his acquaintances, and the company receives recommendations from a trusted employee. Currently only employees of the company, recruitment agencies or headhunters can recommend their acquaintances to open positions. They want to expand these opportunities. Each person will be able to recommend his/her acquaintance if he/she understands that this person has all the competencies for the vacancy. An Aworker with a high reputation will be able to become a remote headhunter for companies that will recommend acquaintances for a particular reward.

Aworker Pay

Aworker Pay will allow people to transfer work relations in the blockchain. Their application will simplify the payment for the work done through smart contracts.
Aworker Pay will offer an transparent mechanism for making payments when a consensus is reached.

Aworker Pay helps people:
To receive payment immediately after the work done. Now it will not be necessary to spend weeks waiting for the next payment from the employer. With the help of
smart contracts and blockchain, employees will immediately receive payment after work is done when a consensus is reached.

To accumulate the means. With the help of thought-out remuneration mechanics, employees will automatically receive income based on their reputation and work performed.

How does it work

Aworker Pay will allow to create a smart contract between the employer and the employee. In the smart contract will be registered:
• Who is the employer
• Who is the employee
• Date of work performance
• The amount of payment for work performed in a fiat currency
• The amount of payment for work performed in WORK tokens

When consensus is reached and signature of the two sides are stated, compensation for the work performed is automatically paid. In case the consensus is not reached (one of the parties does not confirm the fulfillment of the contract), 5 days will be given to resolve the issue with the involvement of trusted experts with a high reputation from the community. After the contract is closed, the employer and the employee will be able to exchange feedback, which will also be taken into account in the formation of the contract participants’ ratings.

Aworker token

Aworker token is a utility token which will be designed to support and maintain the platform. Token is used to pay verification fees and data exchange between system users. It will be also a fungible tool for application participants who want to buy/sell the token to use on the platform. The number of tokens is limited.
The need to purchase Aworker tokens:
• For application developers is to sell data within their applications;
• For users it is in the purchase of data, in the search for new customers, in the search and verification of applicants, in paying compensation for the work done and other advantages available in Aworker applications or third-party applications.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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