Biometrids – a solution to identity and identification problems in all facet of life


The advancement in technology has brought about smartphones with facial recognition via a built-in camera. Using the facial recognition capabilities of smart devices, each individual will be facially recognized on the blockchain. All it takes is only a single recognition and there will not be a means to manipulate identities on the Blockchain. With this in place, there is an expected drastic reduction in identity theft.

With the advancement in machine learning and artificial intelligence, facial recognition can be utilized for identifying individual. From childhood to old age, the contour of the face cannot change.
Once registered on the blockchain, facial attributes remain static even changes in age. Whenever a merchant, individual or government is trying to identify you, a request will be sent to your smartphone for identification.


The major application of Biometrids is the creation of a static means of identification that can never be manipulated. With Biometrids in place, users ID will be blacklisted if such ID is used in perpetrating scam in any transaction.
Also, Biometrids allow the swift verification of customers for car rental service. This will allow for the checking of the past records of customers to determine the probability of getting the rented car back.

About package delivery and courier, here Biometrids allows for the cross-checking of identity when delivering packages. Before delivery can be made, the courier personnel will need to cross-check the identity used during purchase against that of the individual that is to accept the package. Any deviation will mean the package will not be delivered.
And finnaly, there is a need to put in place a mechanism that will serve in cross-referencing of identities of the participant. With Biometrids in place, there will be a decrease in the creation of a shadow economy that is growing in value and worth.


Investors will have the opportunity to get a share of all of these transactions that will be going through the Biometrids Platform. Investors can run their own node on the chain, with only 10.000IDS.
When the system will be fully implemented around the world we would have upwards 100.000.000 transactions everyday with a cost of 10-40cents and a pay out of 90% for investors holding nodes.
In our PRE-ICO we offer 1330IDS for the price of 1 ether and in ICO the price will range from 600-1000IDS for 1 ether.
Biometrids token will be known and called IDS.

Token Sale

There is going to be a total of 100,000,000 in existence and will be offered as follow:
Pre-ICO: 5%
Bounties and Advisors: 5%
Crowdsale: 70%
Team allocation: 10%
Foundation: 10%
The allocated 10% of the team and the 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years.
Every unsold coin during the ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to early investors in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on exchanges.

Join the ICO and and support them. Their project is promising and you will get a great return of investment.

For more information, visit their website and whitepaper. Also, you can contact the team at the telegram group link.

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