BITMORA-Building an exchange for the people


Bitmora is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform set to revolutionize the way the digital currency exchange world operates. We will be bringing a one of a kind trading platform to the market with low fees, enterprise grade security, and a unique voting system designed to put the future of cryptocurrency exchanges in the hands of activists and users alike. Their founders, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino have come together with the intention of creating an exchange that is not only built for the people, but by the people. Their service will provide a platform that allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency in a professional manner and help set the standard for all professional cryptocurrency trading.


As the demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins skyrocket to an all-time high, the majority of exchanges have made little to no improvements. Forced to trade on dated engines with poor security and slow customer support systems, the users of these exchanges have come to recognize a need for improvement. We are prepared to provide the solution. Everything from their engine to their interface will set new standards in what is already an out-of-touch market. We will be opening with over 40 cryptocurrency pairs to trade on their platform, with margin trading available on day one. Their network and servers will be scalable and will have multiple failover engines in the event of an DDoS attack. Their voting system will guarantee that every user has a say in decisions we make as a company

Engine Architecture

Their exchange platform will be built on custom-embedded StreamDB database connected to a distributed ledger platform. It will be built from the ground up to allow error-checking and to target multiple volumes for redundancy. With their matching engines design, we will be able to handle over 1 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest on the market today. We will use high performance Order Management Systems (OMS) to handle all orders, so we can easily scale them to the appropriate size.

Security and Compliance

Security is of utmost importance. We will be monitoring everything from their servers to cold storage 24/7/365, while utilizing routine audits to ensure nothing goes missing. All cold storage will be stored in offsite, undisclosed locations with round the clock security. There will be no automation software linking their cold wallets and hot wallets. We will utilize strict, classified guidelines that the company follows to withdraw the funds.
All employees of Bitmora will undergo background checks and security screenings. Anybody who has access to move funds from accounts will go through a very high scrutiny security check. Your average customer support representative will not have access to move or touch your funds, they will have only viewing privileges. All employees will undergo extensive training to make sure they not only understand the Bitcoin and Blockchain networks, but also their security procedures and systems.

For more information about Bitmora ICO acces the link whitepaper and Bitmora. Also, you can check the twitter link the be always updated.