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Founded in 2015, Boltt is an end-to-end tech solution provider that improves users’ health by incentivizing them with reward tokens, leveraging blockchain and health gamification. Today, Boltt is considered one of the leading Mobile Health Tech Companies in the field of wearable tech & gamified health apps. Boltt initially developed a mobile app to track health and fitness and then, a range of fitness wearables including smart fitness trackers & advanced sensors covering all the aspects of one’s health from activity, sleep to nutrition and fitness. Later, Boltt started its research and development into launching the social health and fitness gamification platform known as Boltt Platform that makes use of AI to provide health-based coaching with exciting gamified challenges. Boltt has bagged many prestigious awards including the Frost & Sullivan Companies to Action Award 2017 in the wearable technology category and has been featured in top media & press publications. It has showcased its solution across reputed tech platforms like Tech Crunch and CES.

Boltt is on a mission to continuously motivate people to encourage them to be more active and keep alive their desires for a healthier lifestyle. Boltt is leveraging the vast possibilities of technology to support people who practice an active lifestyle for health, fitness, and wellbeing. Boltt is creating a social health gamification platform and an entire ecosystem around health which aims to motivate people to maintain their physical activity in a unique approach: Boltt rewards people with BolttCoins for taking steps and achieving their health targets; Boltt introduces a gamified social interface that makes physical activity fun and addictive for the users. This motivates people and induces behavioral changes in lifestyles to ultimately reach their health and fitness goals. In addition, gamification and social aspects leverage people’s inherent desires for status and achievement.


Service provider-customer engagement & loyalty

Today many service providers are not able to properly engage with their customers. They are finding ways to increase customer acquisition and maintain the loyalty of the customers. There is an unfulfilled gap in the market with the existing solutions and service providers’ needs in general. There is a lot of money to be made if someone comes up with the right solution.


Boltt allows blockchain based mobile payments for travel, utility bills, entertainment, recharge and more. The transactions take place via payments by BolttCoins.

For more information about a problem and solution read the Whitepaper.

Boltt health reward engine

Earn BolttCoins by just taking steps,no computing power required!
Boltt enables earning BolttCoins for simply taking steps including running, jogging or walking outside or using a treadmill. Earned BolttCoins can be used to make purchases at the Boltt marketplace or could simply be traded into other crypto currencies or fiat currencies. Boltt’s platform is seamlessly connected to Boltt wearables. Additionally, it allows integration with the most of smart accessories and apps for sports and health and activity tracking such as Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, etc.

Data collection process
The steps data of the user can be collected via the Boltt Fitness Trackers or via the Phone’s inbuilt sensors and accelerometers. If the user has a device, he/she can just connect to the App via Bluetooth. The steps are tracked automatically through the day, with details by the hour.

Data verification & security
Boltt uses an AI based step-counting algorithm to detect & authenticate data. The Boltt step algorithm is in place to ensure that all BolttCoins are earned through hard work and movement. If it was not this way, users could potentially cheat the system by doing things like shaking their phone or using the App in a car etc. Boltt algorithm checks and verifies data against all checkpoints to ensure there are no cases of cheating. E.g. If the data matches a known pattern of cheating like shaking the phone up & down to mimic steps, the values will not be counted. This is a proprietary algorithm that uses certain operations at the Boltt Backend to ensure all captured data is completely authentic.

Health, fitness & wellness marketplace

The Boltt platform allows users to explore & discover a variety of health & fitness services on a single curated health marketplace with a host of wide variety of products and services such as personal coaching, healthy snacks, health food delivery, health supplements, online pharmacy, diagnostics, genetic testing, gym, and yoga sessions and many more. Users can purchase these services with BolttCoins.
Boltt Partner Network encourages health and fitness professionals and business owners to render their services on the platform for additional customer acquisition and revenue. In addition, life/health insurance companies are encouraged to offer discounts on premiums in BolttCoins to their policyholders on the basis their health improvements.

Boltt pay: a blockchain based mobile payment system

Boltt marketplace includes an own blockchain based mobile payments system that can be used to make crypto or fiat currency payments within the ecosystem or across the partner network. These payments can include utility bills, travel tickets, insurance premiums, hotel bookings, movie tickets, entertainment, phone recharge and more. The payment can be made by scanning the barcode or by typing their own phone number. There is a small fee in order to execute the payment due to the Boltt Platform liquidating the payment of the desired crypto currency into fiat currency.


Boltt platform is designed to take into account recent events of wallet theft and phishing during ICO campaigns. This is mitigated by converting a significant amount of the ICO to fiat currency when possible. Boltt continuously monitors for phishing sites and will alert all contributors through press releases and newsletters. Boltt communicates official information regarding wallet addresses only through email to registered members. Boltt’s operating strategy includes periodical contact with Contributors through a mailing list and/or newsletters, in order to keep them updated on the status of development, marketing, clients, and revenue. This strategy allows us to obtain feedback from Contributors and keep them updated with the most recent news and developments.

For more information visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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