COINECT – AI-based decentralized arbitrage trading system

At present, there exists a large variety of options for generating profit through investment funds on various financial platforms. The most accessible and popular way for private investors to earn income is classical trading. Positive financial results across a certain period are possible by buying financial instruments of different issuers low and selling high. The evolution of the professional approach to trading grew from the need to minimize potential investment risks and maximize average investment outcomes. This, in turn, led to the emergence of more complex solutions that are now accessible to a wider circle of market participants. The essence of the majority of working solutions is the creation of a systematic set of rules for a hierarchical sequence of trades of various financial instrument. Simply put, it is the trading algorithms that become the basis on which trading systems of varying complexity are built. Since their inception, their team has created, developed and successfully used such algorithmic systems in various financial environments. They have accumulated years of serious experience in dealing with most major financial instruments, working with simple funds as well as institutional clients on the market.
They always strive to find opportunities for the growth of their team, and, as a result, the growth of the financial well-being of their clients. After all, the key to the success of any undertaking is the trust and active interest of everyone who is engaged in the process. As world progress does not stand still, the quantity and the quality of financial institutions also continue to grow. Fundamentally new investment instruments have emerged. The infrastructure for their distribution is developing and new trading platforms with unique rules of the game are being created, thus unlocking completely new opportunities for profit.

The Solution

In the wake of skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrency instruments and platforms for their circulation, they have developed and launched a unique decentralized trading system through which it is already possible to receive and capitalize on returns which grow based upon size of investment and range from 20-50% per month. Factoring in the system’s potential for minimizing potential risk through the algorithm, the economic attractiveness of the product outperforms all known ways of stock exchange investments.

Systems’ operating principle

The system is based on automatic detection and use of arbitrage opportunities when working with large numbers of cryptocurrency instruments. To make decisions, the algorithm calculates median costs of crypto instruments on different platforms and detects the most interesting opportunities for arbitrage of existing assets. Based on historical statistics and using an expected values approach, the program builds and executes a chain of arbitrage transactions optimal for potential profit. The financial result of executing this series of transactions is the sum of profits across all arbitrage transactions in the chain and a return to the initial set of basic instruments. With a sufficient set of necessary instruments in the exchange wallet, the system can simultaneously process multiple series of operations that can differ in the set of incoming
parameters. The trading mechanism is executed cyclically 24/7 on 25 markets with over 200 instruments.

The main advantage:
Financial outcomes from the executions of arbitrage opportunities do not depend on the direction of market movements of crypto instruments. The reasons for the occurrence of arbitrage situations are also not important. The selflearning algorithm eliminates the need for online risk management and the input of other  incoming parameters.

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