CrowdDrive Marketplace -you can buy and sell shares of your dream car


At the CrowdDrive Marketplace you can buy and sell shares of your dream car.We will rent, sell or lease the cars to our costumers and everytime we make profit with your car, you will get your share of the profit. With CrowdDrive you can own a part of a car an make money with it.


When you are a normal working person, it is almost impossible to get your dream car or  a sport car. Don’t even think about it to make money with a car.


With our car project, we give every car lover the opportunity to participate in his dream  car, and earn money with it. You now have the opportunity to participate freely in our  vehicles according to your budget. Already from a participation of 10 $ you are In. Of  course the money you have made is free to use. You can cash out or participate in a other car of your choice. The profits generated are distributed monthly. According to the Blockchain technology it is possible that countless people can participate in the same  vehicle. This technology offers an extremely high degree of transparency in the widest  possible anonymity of the participants. It is very easy to trade the purchased shares through our marketplace. The price of the vehicle shares is determined by the free  market economy


Our main location will be in Switzerland.  BMW and Mercedes-Benz are after VW the bestselling car brands.In the year 2014 and 2015 were sold 103 pieces from the top models from Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren. Including 46 LaFerrari, 40 Porsche 918 and 17 McLaren P1. The location of our garage and sport cars rental will be somewhere around Zurich.


The vehicle market is a very competitive market worth billions. If you want to establish yourself in the market, it is important that you offer an innovative solutions and an extremely good customer experience. In Switzerland, a new market has developed in recent years. Sport cars and luxury class  vehicles are more popular than ever and still only a dream for a lot of people. To make peoples dreams come true, there are various sport car rentals, in which you can rent  your dream car for a few hours up to several days or even weeks.

Token Sale

During the Token sale, a maximum of 50% of the token is distributed to the participants. The Smart contract only creates as many CAR as necessary. There are several reasons for this, such as tax and on the other hand, it makes it easier for us with the implementation of the Token Sale. As soon as the token sale is completed, respectively, in the best case already during the token sale, we will continue to expand our company in Switzerland.  But with an appointment it is always possible to visit us in Switzerland and get to know  us personally.

For more information about Crowdrive acces the link whitepaper and Crowdrive.