ELONCITY – Power the World for FREE

ELONCITY decentralizes their power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity’s open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that they can electrify the world with clean energy.


The strategies to build momentum and accelerate wide-scale adoption of crypto-economics and renewable energy decentralization within the technology dimension of the Eloncity Model, are embedded in the other three pillars of the Eloncity programmatic framework.

1) Eloncity Community Development;

2) Performance-based project financing and revolving loans;

3) Collaborative and equitable regulatory framework.

These three pillars together with the technology pillar are designed to synergize and accelerate the proliferation of the Eloncity Model based on four strategies:

  •  Overcome Entrenched Barriers – Using multifaceted strategies at each stage of the Eloncity development to overcome commonly identified social, economic, political barriers that hinder adoption of decentralized renewable energy and crypto-economics.
  •  Calibrated and Tailored Solution – Applying the four-foundational programmatic framework to optimally configure the Eloncity Model specific to the social, economic, environmental and policy dimensions that are unique to each project site. The local tailoring ensures that every new Eloncity site built represents a successful project in addition to the attractive investment portfolio across multiple markets.
  • Stimulated Demands – Mobilize an ever-growing target of local and international consumers, crossindustry financial partners, as well as institutional regulatory and policy players to drive demand-side economics, accelerate public acceptance, expand viral appeal, and catalyze further mass applications of the Eloncity Model through an innovative multi-stakeholder engagement process.
  •  Propagation tools – Apply insights and best practices from ongoing project portfolio to accelerate replicability and transferability of knowledge for the propagation of the Eloncity Model. The Foundation will provide enabling technologies, reference design, standardization of methods, pragmatic tools, verified strategies to equip product and service providers, communities, local-decision makers and city planners, as well as financial partners and interested investors.


Open and Secured Energy Transaction – The ECTP or blockchain platform provides an open, secured and distributed ledger for efficient recording of the transaction of energy services in the community in verifiable and immutable manner. The blockchain platform also enables Eloncity to establish an auditable record for tracking the sources of electricity generation in the community, whether it is renewable or fossil fuel.

Unified and Efficient Energy Marketplace – Eloncity Token facilitates an open market that enables communities around the world to exchange energy and shared-resources locally and also to access the unified network of global renewable energy products and solutions. Similarly, renewable product and service providers benefit from a more open global market.

Greater Reliability – The Eloncity provides greater energy service reliability through the decentralized energy architecture’s inherent design ability to anticipate, absorb, adapt to and rapidly recover from potentially disruptive events. The Eloncity design includes locally solar PV arrays or windmills, and intelligent networked BESS for maintaining local electric service stability, flexibility and resilient energy supply during grid service disruptions and emergency events.

Increased Safety – The Eloncity’s renewable generation and BESS reduce or eliminate risks from the dependence on fossil fuel-based backup generators that are often not available in a disaster, have high safety risks of fire, explosions, gas poisoning, and are quite likely available for only the limited amount of time while gas/diesel is available. Eloncity will power the public safety facilities indefinitely in standalone mode with inexhaustible local renewable resources. The Eloncity Model offers a direct response to address the unacceptable risks to public health and safety posed by the fossil fuel-based energy resources.

Source: youtube/Krypital Group

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