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As a consulting team, we have found a technological need for a payment service able to process ad  conversations and consultations. Currently, in order to provide or receive online consultations, there are three settlement possibilities. Each of them has their own associated problems:
1. Charge and Cost Confusion. A user can pay a provider up front for a consultation, but the exact amount required is not known because the provider may be charging by the minute or by the hour. In addition, the user and provider may not know the total duration of the conversation at the time that payment is discussed.
2. Trust. A provider can also use a postconsultation billing system, which requires the provider to trust that the knowledge seeker will pay for the service after finishing the call.
3. Payment Friction. A provider can also rely on external services or third party intermediaries. In these cases, money transfers are highly regulated events that create a large barrier to entry, even for globally-recognized brands.The main purpose of the project is to offer an avenue to connect two or more people so that they may conduct a paid knowledge exchange via online voice or video call. In this document we identify the participants as knowledge seeker and knowledge provider. However, Experty’s possible use cases are wider than just knowledge exchange. It can include calls with celebrities for charity actions or one-on-one private video chats.


In order to empirically test the user experience and gather feedback on the platform, we built a proof-of-concept,prototype version of the application. The current platform does not contain the full set of features that will be included in the production version of the mobile software. However, the prototype allows us to test the concept and be sure the smart contracts are working as intended.

Application security:

The application is going to have rating system built in. After a call both participants are able to rate each other and give them a comment, which is visible within their profiles later on. Another feature to protect callers from abuse by advice providers is refund policy (not visible in mockups on next section). Each advice provider will be able to set the maximum refund time (for example 1 minute). If the call lasted less time than specified limit advice seeker will be able to get refund after the call and knowledge provider will not get paid. This allows legit experts to assure potential clients about their skills, while still not limiting anyone on the decission process.

Token Economics

The Experty Token (EXY) is a major constituent of the Experty platform. EXY is created only during the Token Generation Event.EXY is a utility token that will be used for the following:
◊ EXY will be used for all payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers
◊ EXY will be staked by users for access to premium features

For more information about Experty ICO access the link whitepaper and Experty.


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