Fixy-Blockchain based application that will enable Gift Cards along with OTC Trade


Introducing Fixy App, a blockchain based application that will facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in ordinary everyday life. Fixy App is a blockchain solution, from cryptocurrency enthusiasts to cryptocurrency beginners. The solution is giving users several benefits such as, monetizing their Cryptocurrencies and being able to get paid in both FIAT and cryptocurrency when they are selling their goods and services.Since the innovative creation of Bitcoin by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto over 3500 other Cryptocurrencies have been created. This is resulting from the success of the Bitcoin itself. Cryptocurrency was invented to change and revolutionize the financial world as they know it, and the blockchain technology was created to serve as a validation mechanism.

Current Problems

No application of cryptocurrency to daily life- Despite the industrial disruption and technological advances that blockchain provides, one area that is still largely untapped is usability of Cryptocurrencies in daily life. Both fiat currency and cryptocurrency can be called money or currency, as they are mediums of exchange that are used to store and transfer value.

Difficulty in getting into the world of cryptocurrency -It is a very tiring task attempting to participate in the world of cryptocurrency, the interest of newbie investors of cryptocurrency is truly put to the test at the point of first purchase. When new and inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiast gets into the real buying context, they realize that is not so easy to acquire, and some may even lose interest.

No mass adoption of cryptocurrency-Despite the popularity of cryptocurrency, especially with the attention, the media has granted it, there is still no mass adoption of the digital currency.

The Solution

Fixy Network makes it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life. The Network will include a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized Exchange. Getting into cryptocurrency market has never been an easy process of a new cryptocurrency enthusiast, but with Fixy Gift Card, which is going to be available in every corner store and going to be sold in FIAT. The whole Fixy network is designed to facilitate easy entry into the world of cryptocurrency and also has features that will allow efficient application of cryptocurrency to daily life.


Although Although a variety of Cryptocurrencies will be traded on the Fixy platform, the Fixy token will serve as the platformʼs very own currency. Partners who want to be part of the network will do so by paying the Fixy token. Also, the Fixy token will be used to purchase advertisement space on the platform and can be used to make purchases. To prevent, inflation and maintain a steady rise in value, the Fixy token will have a fixed quantity supply of 100,000,000 FXY. 1ETH = 6000FXY right now with 20% Bonus. Fixy Network platform as the best choice for its large base audience. The advertisement service costs $10.000 and Alice will need 5000 FXY tokens which will be available on exchanges like Binnance.

For more information about Fixy ICO access the link whitepaper and Fixy.

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