HACK- Hackers/Founders Fund Token Pre-sale


HACK: Hackers/Founders Fund is a venture fund created by Hackers that uses blockchain technology to provide accelerated liquidity to investors. Money raised during the token sale will be invested in top technology companies scaling globally.  HACK VC is liquid. HACK tokens can be traded freely via online exchanges Companies are selected for investment only after several rounds of reviews by boards of experts and acceptance to portfolio program 100% of returns from portfolio exits will be reinvested into existing or recently accepted H/F portfolio companies .Up to 20% of the fund raised will also be used to liquidate their existing funds which are comprised of the best companies in us portfolio In addition, the team will be contributing $1 Million of stock from existing H/F Funds 1-4.Within three years, Hackers/Founders (as it’s now stylized) had grown to become a network of meetups for startup communities all around the world. Hackers/Founders chapters can now be found in 132 cities in 48 countries. In addition to meetups, H/F also hosts educational classes, tech talks and other awesome events.Following a suggestion by Naval Ravikant of AngelList, the  Hackers COOP accelerator was launched in 2011 to provide concierge services to early-stage startups under a unique – and in we eyes, superior – business model.

For Investors

Liquidity-HACK: Hackers/Founders Fund provides investors with liquidity. Investors can buy, sell, and trade HACK through online exchanges at any time. Expansive Availability HACK: Hackers/Founders Fund is for investors at every level – from the general public (non-US citizens only) to VCs. Access to the Best Startups Invest in the best startups worldwide without the challenges that can come with reaching them. Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. Brad is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token-powered organizations. H/F Enterprise leverages the world’s largest network of technology founders, developed by Hackers/Founders over nearly a decade. We have access to startups across verticals, including web, mobile, medical tech, financial tech, big data, artificial intelligence, hardware, and the Internet of Things . Additionally, Hackers/Founders’ network and footprint is global, and so is they dealflow.H/F’s proprietary and proven methodologies build creative solutions that increase  and transform initiatives into innovation.

Token Sale Details

-Token symbol- HACK

-Token supply Crowdsale will represent 75% of outstanding tokens.

-Initial price per token 1 HACK = 1 USD

-What is HACK -HACK are tokens issued by HACK: Hackers/Founders Fund a liquid venture fund that will invest in the top startups from the 300k member strong global Hackers/Founders (H/F) community.

-How to use and hold -Any ERC223/ERC20 compliant Ethereum wallet.


For more information about HackVC company access the link whitepaper and HackVC.

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