Kstar-The First Hallyu Crypto Currency

■ What is KStarCoin?

KStarCoin is an ERC20 Ethereum based token, which will be integrated in the KStarLive platform. They believe that Ethereum’s smart contract technology will allow them to disrupt, innovate and build upon an existing user base of 8MM followers and build contracts amongst the different parties and combat against issues like ticket scalping, fake celebrities and provide new payment methods (a significant issue currently)to purchase Korean made products. KStarCoin is able to activate P2P-based transactions between individuals and is optimized to implement smart contracts which provide high reliability and transparency for transactions such as crowdfundin  campaigns and payments.

What is KStarCoin’s Benefits?

1) Crowdfunding with KStarCoin :- Funding Participants: Participants will be eligible to earn in concerts and events profit, which will be shared via KStarCoin — this will be very similar to early bird rewards that you may see on existing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. For VIP funding participants who support their favorite stars and reach a certain VIP funding threshold, KStarLive will be providing VIP tickets and also opportunities to chat with the stars directly.
– Ticket Buyer: Events/promotions will be held via KStarLive and tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate when bought with KStarCoin. Also special VIP tickets and limited edition goods will only be available for purchase with KStarCoin.

2) Commerce with KStarCoin:

– Customers: Customers who purchase with KStarCoin can receive discounts and bonus items.
– Product Suppliers: Product suppliers who also hold and leverage KStarCoin will receive larger benefits, such as support for advertising fees, etc. which can also be paid with KStarCoin.

What is KStarLive.com?

1) KStarLive.com is a worldwide news and video curating service that provides K-Star, K-Pop and KDrama news to Facebook users worldwide. They select a number of Hallyu-related video contents produced by various media and fans around the world, and they provide the content of the selected videos in English. Established on May 2016, they have reached 8.0MM followers by October 2017.

2)The main content of KStarLive.com is composed of things that fans can sympathize with and are interested in, such as “idols performing in the rain at the Korean university festivals,” “behind-thescenes footage of popular dramas,” and breaking news stories like love scandals. The use of the name K-Star extends the K-Star brand, which is well-known as K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty, to the comprehensive meaning of K-Star to easily define various cultures and products it is for.

3) Currently there are 30~50 contents uploaded daily and around 1,200 monthly to KStarLive.com’s Facebook page.

KStarLive.com User Profile:
1) Features of KStarLive.com Users they have users from around the world mainly in Asia, and women who love K-Stars and culture are at the center. 97% of theiruser’s ages are below 15 to 35 (mostly millennials) and are sensitive to KPop trends.
2) KStarLive.com Growth Index of KStarLive.com Users
– As of October 2017 KStarLive.com has the highest amount of Facebook followers for any Hallyu media page.
– Forecasted to grow to up to 10 million followers by 1Q 2018 and up to 50 million followers by 2021.

For more information about KstarCoin access the link whitepaper and KstarLive.

Article written by john.eck

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