Momentum-Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty

Executive Summary

MobileBridge is set to revolutionise the world of marketing and customer loyalty by redefining the way in which companies  build and manage relationships with their customers. They are launching the world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform and the Momentum  Token. It allows companies to use the Momentum Token or launch their own crypto tokens to more accurately engage and  reward their customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, whilst giving the  consumer full control over their personal data.


-Traditional marketing is often disliked by customers. They are often badly timed, lack in personalisation and result in spam.

-Loyalty programs repeatedly fail as consumers lack a sense of value and ownership. Points offer no real value, often expire and are wasted.

-In North America alone, the total value of unused ‘points’ is approx. $100Bn. This wasted potential can be used to transform customers into happy and active brand ambassadors.

Their Technology Solution

The existing MobileBridge Platform is comprised of:
• Back end infrastructure – cloud-based databases, applications, web interfaces and their big data platform;
• MobileBridge Composer – GUI designer for developing personalised campaigns;
• API Layer – the interface between brand applications and the MobileBridge platform’s RESTful calls to any 3rd party integrations, push notification  services, geofencing and geolocation services The current technology and infrastructure will be extended into the blockchain to support token-based rewards and  incentives, token exchanging and trading, and user control and privacy. These planned enhancements will be staged as  outlined in their Evolution.

Benefits for the marketer

For companies using the MobileBridge Platform, it will drive significant efficiencies by enabling them to target customers  much more efficiently, reward them for their engagement and purchases and still save significantly on their market spend.

• Build user experiences that seamlessly weave your strongest digital and physical assets that match your  consumers’ needs ‘in the moment.
• Finally get to a point where you can build real engagement and real relationships with the consumers that matter  most. Excite them and unleash their creativity to support your brand.
• Grow your target audience with pre-qualified individuals, aided by your best customers. Reduce your cost of  acquisition (CAC).

Momentum Token

The MobileBridge Momentum Token is a utility token which will be used as:
• A rewards and loyalty token – used to reward consumers for their attention, business,  brand advocacy and data insights;
• A “gateway” token for branded rewards and loyalty tokens – the Momentum Token  allows consumers who own company branded tokens (e.g. Best Burger Token) to  convert those tokens into Momentum Tokens on the MobileBridge platform. Once  they have Momentum Tokens, they can keep it in their wallet, trade it or exchange Momentum Tokens into other crypto-currencies;
• A platform payment currency – used by companies who are using the MobileBridge  Momentum Token to pay for using the platform;

Token distribution:

-Tokens sold 50%;
-MobileBridge strategic capital reserve 33%;
-Long-term team retention 5%;
-3rd party launch costs 5%;
-MobileBridge Team 3%;
-Advisors 2%;
-Bounty program 2%.

For more information about Momentum ICO access the link whitepaper and Momentum.