Moms Avenue ICO-First Blockchain Powered Social Entrepreneurship Platform


Moms Avenue combines cutting edge technology and an innovative reward and rating based business model to tap into the largest business opportunity – women entrepreneurs. The platform addresses the pressing issue of the segment‘s unused economic potential. Moms Avenue is designed to build a powerful social network and foster sustainable value by empowering women to start, grow and scale their own businesses. We are creating a new platform enabling the full cycle of the entrepreneurial journey – learning, trying, developing and sharing. The solution supports transparent governance which is enabled by a proof of contribution platform based on virtual utility tokens. Our competitive advantage is that we are one of the first women’s focused social entrepreneurship concept based on on Blockchain technology (SE-DAO). This concept will ensure transparency and enable strategic cooperation between multiple parties. It will also define our organization’s actions, meaning and the mission.

Moms Avenue solution is focused on solving the following problems:

● High market entry cost. ​ Moms Avenue will enable community members to start, grow and scale their own business, while at the same time reducing the cost of doing so. Data shows that the average market entry cost for a small-medium enterprise is approximately US$30,000 while for a micro-business – US$3,000.

● Shockingly, only 4% of crypto market participants are women. Blockchain​ is quickly developing into the most talked about the technology of this decade. However, even today during the blockchain revolution there are very few blockchain projects which are run by women.

● Loose social networks. ​ Having a community and support network is a valuable part of becoming an entrepreneur. Studies show that men have more social connections that enable them to access business opportunities, information, and contacts than do women.

Moms Avenue Solution – Social Entrepreneurship Platform

Moms Avenue is blockchain-powered, reward-based social entrepreneurship platform designed for women. The platform will be created to help individuals enter the market, learn and practice entrepreneurship in an innovative and rewarding way. The aim is to create a Blockchain-powered, self-sustainable ecosystem for women where the generated value would be retained within the ecosystem. The ecosystem is enabled by a platform that connects the entrepreneur community, entrepreneurship learning and tools to start, grow and scale businesses. Users will be able to start, grow and scale their businesses, pitch their ideas, engage in joint ventures, find freelancers or coworkers, find the necessary investment.

Reward and Rating System – The M.O.M. Token

The Moms Avenue platform will provide high-value and community-driven content supported by an innovative contribution-based transparent reward and rating scheme. The virtual utility M.O.M tokens will be released and used within reward program. The reward system will use transparent proof of contribution concept. All community members will be able to contribute by creating relevant high-quality content and receive M.O.M. utility tokens as a reward. Tokens can be used to create content, buy or sell goods, order services and support others on Moms Avenue platform.

For more information about M.O.M. company access the link whitepaper and M.O.M.