PHI Token-There is a divine proportion


PHI is the first Hybrid Robo Investing Platform that allows to invest both in Traditional and Crypto Assets. PHI resolves Financial Industry’s problems (too high distribution costs, very weak expected return and lack of competition between asset managers) combining automated financial advice tools with human advisors preserving attributes such as emotional response, bias, judgment and the ability to assess the needs of the consumer. Thanks to Robo-digital advice & Blockchain technology PHi increases transparency in investment options and decisions and security in the client data information and privacy.

Platform for Hybrid Investments

When c analyze all the strengths and weaknesses of the Robo Advisors, the weakness of the Wealth Management industry and of Asset Management, the evolution necessary for the sector is very clear, it is necessary to create: a fully digitalised platform that could invest in cryptoassets (Hybrid) that could give value to the Asset Managers and Wealth Managers.The Platform for Hybrid Investments will allow investors who are not supported by a Financial Advisor to compete with the various asset managers who participate in the platform, by analysing their returns, volatility, drawdown, the ulcer index and the DIAMAN Ratio, which are deterministic indicators of last generation. This form of gamification, already present on copytrading platforms, has never been realised on a professional level, by allowing on one side the Asset Managers to compare themselves with their colleagues, and on the other to the customers. The benefit from this transparency, is to choose the best managers on the platform for each methodology or type of investment.

The use of a Blockchain in PHI

All documents are processed into Hash and deposited on blockchain to give certain date and unchangeability of the contracts still available through through customer’s reserved area. Last but not least, the blockchain will also be used to record every single advice that asset managers, wealth managers or financial planner issue, in a way that avoids conflicts or misinterpretations or actions by all the actors involved. The primary purpose of BDMS is to ensure authenticity of all documents in the system following 3 key principals:
-Immutability: Ensuring that once the document is added to the repository it cannot be modified
-Authenticity: A document must be verifiable by anyone that has access to it
-Timestamp: A reasonable assurance about the date the document was added to the repo.

PHI Tokens

The value of the Phi token at TGE Day was established in 1.61803 USD, that is, the golden number is because it is right to attach it to the number that describes nature and the universe, both because the name of the token is PHI .The mechanism set up by Diaman Partners foresees that 70% of the performance commissions go to the product manager, while 30% is retained by Diaman Partners itself, which will buy with 50% of cash (equal to 15% of total performance fees) PHI Token on Exchange and will burn them.

For more information about PHI Token company access the link whitepaper and PHI token.