SKYFchain Operating Platform ( SKYFchain OP )

SKYFchain Operating Platform (hereinafter SKYFchain OP ) is the first B2R (business – to – robots ) blockchain based operating platform applicable globally in all sectors of a developing cargo robotics industry. It will be initially developed and tested by using the first industrial cargo airborne robot – SKYF drone – which will also give SKYFchain instant access to its client base for development of unmanned business processes. Later all other unmanned cargo systems : in the air, on the ground and at the sea will be connected to SKYFchain . The first feedback from their customers in oil and gas industry confirms that if they switch from helicopters to cargo drones they can supply their on – shore rigs with 5 to 10 times less cost. SKYFchain as a blockchain with built – in smart contracts will provide trusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks, and authorities worldwide.

Advantages of the SKYFchain Project

  • Transparency : The platform give the users and other financial insurance companies direct control over their assets transparently hence promoting the growth of different industries
  • Increased safety: The use of the unmanned cargos eliminates human labour which further prevents the occurrence of any error as there are no pilots or drives on board
  • Increased savings : The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IOT eliminates the need of third party intermediaries hence promoting more savings from users
  • Less costy: The platform enables the SKIFT drone to be easily affordable and operated allowing for scaling of prices configuring it with several characteristics for the users benefit
  • Usability: The SKIFT drones operates all day and night making it convenient to users in sorting out all their situations.

Unmanned trucks, ships and cars

After the launch of air-borne drones, SKYFchain will invite other cargo robots, unmanned trucks, unmanned ships, and later unmanned passenger vehicles. They are planning to invite air-borne drones from 2020 onwards, and sea-borne and ground-borne robots starting from 2022 onwards. According to Abhimanyu Raheja, an analyst at BIS Research, “the overall number of automated vehicles is expected to reach more than 110 million by the end of 2026.” Exane BNP Paribas is giving lower, but also promising projections of 40 millions automated vehicles of all types in 2026.

Benefits of the unmanned trucks

Proponents of automated trucks are talking about several useful features. They say that such trucks will be more efficient because they would not waste fuel by accelerating and braking as frequently as trucks driven manually by a human driver. Similarly, developers have plans to use truck platooning to save on fuel. Other benefits may include: increased safety and less stress for drivers during long-haul monotonous drives.

The solution — SKYF drone with a petrol engine

SKYF’s innovative aerodynamic drone design will solve the problem of multi-copter scalability. The SKYF drone is the world’s first unmanned aerial cargo platform (the drone) with vertical landing and take-off (VTOL) on the basis of patented aerodynamics, which enables the growth of unmanned aircraft through various modifications that enable a wide variety of challenging tasks. The SKYF drone aircraft is very easy to operate and is less costly in terms of cost compared to other existing solutions, and enables scalability to increase payload and flight range, as well as other features.

About the Token

  • SKYFchain is using the SKYFT token — a utility token issued in ICO.
  • Fixed amount of 1 200 000 000 tokens
  • The final price of the ICO will be ~0.065 USD for 1 SKYFT token.
  • SKYFT is US SEC compliant and available to US investors.
  • SKYFchain® Operating System Internal Currency

Source: youtube/SKYFchain

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.


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