Skyllz-The unified protocol to assess, validate and empower human skills.

Exam Summary

The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a distributed and open-source skill validation protocol that enables users to validate and empower skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization and boosting freely within and across Skills Touchpoints Applications (STapps) such as e-learning platforms, networking platforms, portfolio platforms, offline education platforms or any other platform that want to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem.

The Problem

In the last decade, the acceleration of technology in every industry has come with a lot of new jobs (data related jobs, new coding technologies, new marketing techniques…) and type of jobs (flexible jobs, freelancers, remote workforce…) that didn’t exist before. Traditional education is several steps behind labor market’s needs and the result is a new era of “easy and cheap” knowledge acquisition channels (e-learning, bootcamps, MOOCs, Wikipedia, how-to videos on Youtube …).A new era of skill allocation (show me what you’re able to do) has started. This skill allocation era has also brought a new paradigm in skill contextualization (how you allocate the knowledge/skills you acquire: soft skills) and skill boosting (how you multiply the eff of skill acquisition, allocation and contextualization: the attitude).

Workkola: A Proven Solution And The Team Behind Skyllz

Workkola helps digitally-skilled students showcase their skills, build their Talent Brands and find amazing job opportunities, while helping companies assess and attract vetted talent. With more than 17K students and more than 1,500 companies on board, Workkola’s current platform is already working hard on changing talent assessment and talent placement.Workkola’s team takes a step further on embracing all the possibilities of the blockchain technology to impact the globe with the first open source development environment and protocol that will change the way they proof their skills and knowledge: the Skyllz Distributed Platform.

The Skyllz Token (SKT): Fueling The Skyllz Distributed Platform

The Skyllz Token (SKT), an ERC-20 compliant utility token, enables users to access and transact on the SDP. They serve as units of account that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem.To have a supra-platform token is necessary to attract current and future applications and to allow Inter-connected Impact Rule among the ecosystem. SKT is the “gas” of the SDP, and is the common and exclusive token to get validations and exchange value on the SDP. Users can also gain SKTs as a reward of exceptional quality or performance in any STapp on top of the SDP, empowering self-development and complying with the Meritocracy Rule. SKTs will be exchanged for the STapps main services (e.g. accessing online courses on Udemy, sponsored challenges on Workkola, or premium features on Linkedin).30% of total Skyllz Tokens issued (SKT 480,000,000) will be reserved for early ignition of the Skyllz Ecosystem with the idea of reaching critical mass (500,000 users). These users will be “financed” by Skyllz to incentivize early ignition of the platform and deal with the “chicken and egg problem”.

For more information about Skyllz company access the link whitepaper and Skyllz.