Sparkster – a platform of empowerment

Sparkster is a platform of empowerment. They empower you to bring your ideas to life by building software without learning how to code. Use intuitive drag and drop interfaces and the ability to define business logic in plain English to build anything imaginable. Focus on WHAT you want to build, and let their platform transform your ideas into working software in seconds. Inspired by MIT Scratch, they take the position that if young children can build games with simple building blocks, then they can empower everybody to build enterprise grade applications in a similar manner.  The Sparkster platform is to software what Uber was to the taxi industry – a seismic disruption. Competitors such as Microsoft®, SAP®, Oracle® will have their business models fundamentally disrupted by the advent of user generated software, empowered by the Sparkster platform. They present the fastest, cheapest, easiest, most democratic and personalized way to build software, period. Now, they have building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud that enables people to execute this software across a network of their community’s cell phones. This combined packaged is not only the cheapest, most democratic and fastest way to build software, but to run software too. A high performance decentralized cloud, as proposed by Sparkster, is necessary to mainstream blockchain adoption.

Sparkster Platform

The Sparkster Platform enables you to build software without writing any code, by simply dragging and dropping blocks that are in plain English. Software generated with the Sparkster Platform is specifically architected for high volume, distributed applications. Horizontally scalable, implementing streaming pipelines, the platform is architected to support the veracious demands of IOT and AI environments. Security is architected at the core of this Platform, implementing AES 256 bit encryption between every interaction and OAUTH 2.0 authorization and authentication, the Sparkster Platform generates Enterprise grade software without any knowledge or concern for software design or necessity for architectural awareness.

Software generated by the Sparkster Platform is architecturally independent, meaning that software generated by the Sparkster Platform can be compatible with the architecture of the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. The client elects where to execute their software. However, in the long run, the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud will prove far cheaper than the Sparkster Platform as an execution environment.


Ideas are the currency of the future. They envision a future in which everybody can bring their ideas to reality. In doing so, they create financial independence for themselves, while contributing to their society in the process.

Mission Statement

They aim to empower the dreamer within each of us to innovate. They will achieve this by democratizing access to the tools necessary for innovation in the 21st century: software development.

Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts

Whilst they see the vast applications and disruptive opportunities created by Smart Contracts, they perceive a fundamental problem in this burgeoning industry. They neither expect lawyers to learn to write code, nor do they expect lawyers to be entirely replaced by autonomous smart contracts. As such, today, Smart Contracts are inaccessible to the majority of potential users, and hence this has impacted commercial adoption. Their platform is uniquely positioned to address this problem by enabling Smart Contracts to be built in plain English with a focus strictly on defining the actual business logic the contract is expected to execute; with their platform handling the translation into a functioning SmartContract. As such, they have integrated the ability to generate Ethereum Smart Contracts and IOTA Flash Channel Transactions via their platform. Once authored, their platform generates the appropriate code for such a Smart Contract to execute on the respective network which means that knowledge of the implementation details of Smart Contracts is completely unnecessary.

Source: youtube/Sparkster

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.


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