URunit – a gambling platform

URunit is a gambling platform that allows players to manage the game completely. It provides a platform where a player will host , control and also receives profits coming from the game. The platform is created as a “white label”, so they can sell it to other operators. This, in turn, will allow us to share the concept around the world in a short time and make it an industry standard. Also, the platform has an open API (application programming interface). This will make it possible to add games created by third-party developers. This way the library of games on the platform can be constantly replenished and expanded with minimum time and money invested.

More Awesome Features

 What a player can do with his right to host a game

  • He can host the game and receive the profit generated during his lease
  • He can sell this right to other players (fixed price, auction or lottery)
  • He can use this right as a bet or buy-in for some games

 What a player can do with his rank

  • He can sell his rank to other players (fixed price, auction or lottery)
  • He can use his rank as a bet or buy-in for some games

 Private games

Every user can create his own private games and give the access to them to his friends and acquaintances. All private games are accessible only by invitation.


70% of all URUN tokens are collected by platform will be used in daily, weekly and monthly jackpot drawings. Every user who deposited certain amount of URUN tokens to his account or has a certain rank is eligible for jackpot.

Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency market has been rapidly growing for the last few years. According to the CoinMarketcap portal data, cryprocurrency market capitalization at the end of 2017 amounted to about $600 billion. Although, the price of individual crypto-currencies is subject to significant fluctuations, crypto market capitalization in general has been constantly growing. Also, it is important to remember, that blockchain technology, the basis for cryptocurrencies, is still far from perfect and keeps developing. However, one thing they can be absolutely sure of: cryptocurrencies, as well as blockchain technology, are firmly embedded in their life, and this technology has tremendous potential.

Integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in online gambling
Despite the fact that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still relatively new and underdeveloped, there are many attempts to integrate them into various projects, including online casinos. Many experts agree that the crypto-currencies and blockchain technology will take the leading position on the market in general, and in gambling, in particular. Here are some of the advantages of using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology:

crypto payments are becoming more and more popular

  • payments are easy to make
  • low minimum payment threshold
  • no restrictions on the number of transactions
  • payments can be made significantly faster
  • the concept of transparency and fair play is used in conducting the games


Token is created by ERC-20 standard and used within the platform for:
• users payments for services within the platform
• transactions between the platform users
• payments to the third-party game developers
• payments from the operators


Token Symbol: URUN
Token Sale Starts: May 15th 2018
Token Sale Ends: June 15th 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 800 URUN
Total Supply: 80,000,000
Soft Cap: 9,000,000 tokens
Hard Cap: 60,000,000 tokens

Source: youtube/U Run It Project

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.

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